January 25

HLES First STEM Day!!!

I am so very proud of my colleagues and their implementation of K-5 STEM lesson plans on our first school-wide STEM Day! Students were engaged, practiced the 4C’s (communication, collaboration, critical thinking skills, and creativity), and teachers did a wonderful job stepping back and letting their students take the lead! It was amazing 🙂


Kindergarten: https://sway.com/wm1q9OcjTL2aoNhj

1st Grade: https://sway.com/T33j3Wg7F5hjIHNr

2nd Grade: https://sway.com/REA7XMeu9opMCjvE

3rd Grade: https://sway.com/pDy1z0w0BEWyyp6f

4th Grade: https://sway.com/IQHzJSZTNH2LlWVm

5th Grade: https://sway.com/CMpoRbhdwehSAQ7n


January 15

Bring Back the Lights!

Students had so much fun with this STEM Challenge, “Bring Back the Lights”, even though it took them 2-3 STEM classes to figure out how to light up the holiday lights. They practiced the 4 C’s (communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills) and after many iterations of the process and perseverance, all were successful! Click on the link for lesson plan:  Bring Back the Lights! STEM Challenge


January 10

Students explored and had fun with light and shadows by tracing the outline of their foil sculpture’s shadow and coloring it in to create shadow art. #STEAM

November 18

5th Grade STEM Day!!!

Thanks to my colleagues from the Cobb Education Consortium K-12 Committee and Lockheed Martin for making our 5th grade STEM day at HLES a hit! Students were engaged from beginning to end from watching science demonstrations, collaborating with their peers to try and find a solution to an island challenge where students have to extract salt from water to obtain clean drinkable water, and finally listening to Lockheed Martin’s engineers discuss STEM careers. Students begged for more!!!

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