July 6

Dr. Grizzle’s K-5 STEMulating Lab (click to read more)




The purpose of having a STEM lab is to expose students to the interdisciplinary teaching of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Students will engage in challenge-based, hands-on, and fun activities that will allow them to develop critical-thinking skills, problem-solving skills, persistence, communication and collaboration skills. A major focus this year will be computer science and teaching K-5 students how to code using algorithms. Students will use various robots to demonstrate how computer scientists communicate with computers by creating a list of commands and observing how the robots execute the functions.

Donations (household items, etc.) will be requested throughout the year in order to give our students the best learning experiences in the STEM lab. Also, please check out my Donor’s Choose page to see how you can better impact the STEM lab.

I am looking forward to working with your child this year and I am absolutely sure that it is going to be a GREAT year!

Donor’s Choose: https://www.donorschoose.org/tgrizzle

Twitter: @TeamGrizzle2006


About Me

Years at Harmony Leland Elementary School: 12 years


  • Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Florida….GOOOO GATORS!
  • Master of Arts in Teaching from Mercer University
  • Doctorate of Education in Teacher Leadership from Walden University
  • STEM Certified, University of Cincinnati

 Family: Married w/ two girls, 13 years old and 9 years old

 Hobbies: Staying fit, quilting, & constantly seeking knowledge

 Why do I teach? I teach so that I can inspire my students to become productive citizens who will contribute to this ever-changing and technologically-driven society that we live in. I challenge my students to be the best they can be and I expect all students to rise to my standards and expectations regardless of academic aptitude and socio-economic status. ALL students can and will learn!

 Contact info:

tamieka.grizzle@cobbk12.org (best method)



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