November 18

5th Grade STEM Day!!!

Thanks to my colleagues from the Cobb Education Consortium K-12 Committee and Lockheed Martin for making our 5th grade STEM day at HLES a hit! Students were engaged from beginning to end from watching science demonstrations, collaborating with their peers to try and find a solution to an island challenge where students have to extract salt from water to obtain clean drinkable water, and finally listening to Lockheed Martin’s engineers discuss STEM careers. Students begged for more!!!

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November 14

Ozobot and Dash & Dot Challenge!

This week, students were engaged in the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice as they try to find solutions to Ozobot and Dash & Dot challenges. The standards included MP1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, MP5: Use appropriate tools strategically, and MP7: Look for and make use of structure.

Grades 3-5 Ozobot challenge: Help Ozobot find the way to the shop across the river. Ozobot must safely move from the house to the shop using codes to guide its way. During this challenge, students learned how Ozobot senses its environment and moves in it. They also learn how to give commands to Ozobot via Ozocodes, which is the color code language that Ozobot understands.

K-2 Dash and Dot challenge: Very similar to the Ozobot challenge, but in this challenge Dash needs to maneuver its way through a maze to rescue Dot from a deserted island.  Students use drag and drop block coding to give commands to Dash to find its way to Dot.

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November 7

Robots for ALL!

This week I decided to break out Dash & Dot and Ozobots for all students and not limit the robots to just my coding and robotics club. K-5 students had a ball!!! I just wanted them to familiarize themselves with the robots this week and have fun because next week I’m bringing on the challenges 🙂 K-2 students used an app called Path to drive Dash around on different paths made of geometric figures while adding sound effects. 3-5 students experimented with Ozobots using drag and drop coding, practiced calibration, and wrote programs for Ozobot to perform. Needless to say, my students had a ball! See videos and pics below:


img_1697 img_1696 img_1690 img_1686 img_1684 img_1682 img_1658

img_1657 img_1653 img_1650 img_1639 img_1637 img_1635 img_1631

img_1630 img_1626 img_1697 img_1696 img_1690 img_1684 img_1682img_1716 img_1714 img_1708 img_1678 img_1670 img_1700 img_1698

November 6

Looping and Pair Programming

For the next few weeks students will be focusing on computer science skills and honing their skills on looping and pair programming. Looping is the action of doing something over and over again and pair programming is students working together at one workstation. With pair programming, one student is the driver who writes the code while the other student, the observer or navigator, reviews each line of code as it is typed in. The two programmers switch roles  frequently.


img_1483 img_1478 img_1474 img_1473 img_1471 img_1466 img_1460 img_1458 img_1457